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 Site Walk through

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Heroes United
Heroes United

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PostSubject: Site Walk through   Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:29 am

provided by me and Heroesluver7
Heroes United : do what we are asking fans to do
HeroesLuvr7 : Yeaah.
Heroes United : have you even signed up for the event in your area?
HeroesLuvr7 : But will they do it? Will we get lots of people..?
HeroesLuvr7 : I.. don't know?
Heroes United : no one but me and mandi
Heroes United : I am going to add to the list

HeroesLuvr7 : Okay.
Heroes United : I need to know what state you represent
Heroes United : make sure its there for you
HeroesLuvr7 : New York.
Heroes United : I think I have that already
Heroes United : go to NY's Forum and do a shout out for new york
Heroes United : Say Hey I am such and such and I am here to stand up for Heroes United in New York!
Heroes United : what ever
Heroes United : so someone knows your there and what to do.
Heroes United : they can follow your lead
Heroes United : I will post the event location in another post.

HeroesLuvr7 : Okay.
HeroesLuvr7 : How do i get to the NY forum??
Heroes United : click USA
Heroes United : click NY
Heroes United : Click Heroes United New York
Heroes United : click new
Heroes United : walla and send to post
Heroes United : its at the bottom
Heroes United : I just added the event for you

HeroesLuvr7 : Where do i go that says USA?
Heroes United : Event Sign ups
Heroes United : its easy the last post channel 4
Heroes United : you know what would be cool in NY
Heroes United : if you had a blonde cheerleader friend to play claire
Heroes United : lol

HeroesLuvr7 : Lol. Okay. So i just say someting after the channel 4 thing?
Heroes United : yeah say your in for NY
Heroes United : something thats you

HeroesLuvr7 : okay.
Heroes United : and you can help others if they dont know what to do.
Heroes United : I also want to show you another important spot

HeroesLuvr7 : me?
Heroes United : hey HeroesLuvr7 you should check out the petition resources topic here
HeroesLuvr7 : Lol. I already signed some.
HeroesLuvr7 : Idk bout all.
Heroes United : here they are divided
Heroes United : I have the address' and email to the new heads of NBC
Heroes United : but I need to post them

HeroesLuvr7 : sweet. i've emailed nbc a few times.
HeroesLuvr7 : I wish we could get the email of like.. the head of nbc.. or important people that work there.
Heroes United : got it posted it at the facebook but I am doing it right now here
Heroes United : oh wait thats
Heroes United : I will get NBC
Heroes United : hey
Heroes United : ok HeroesLuvr7 I posted ABC and Fox
Heroes United : if anyone wants to add adresses and numbers that I missed they can
Heroes United : we have to talk about what the petition is going to be for
Heroes United : to sell NBC and any remaining contracts and rights?
Heroes United : only research will help us figure out what we need to do to get another station to buy it

HeroesLuvr7 : Okay.
HeroesLuvr7 : Yeah.. nbc is.. eck.
Heroes United : we know the show is major in debt
Heroes United : and they were auctioning off memberabilia

HeroesLuvr7 : well.. there's USA, SyFy, TruTv, TnT
HeroesLuvr7 : Maybe not Tru.. idk.
HeroesLuvr7 : :/
HeroesLuvr7 : that's why we seriously gotta do as much as we can. Cuz idt we have much time..
Heroes United : we dont
Heroes United : the actors and writers are starting to move on
Heroes United : I even saw hayden on abc family

HeroesLuvr7 : we need to try to contact the actors & writers..
HeroesLuvr7 : really?
Heroes United : yes
HeroesLuvr7 : I know Milo has a new movie coming out.
HeroesLuvr7 : Greg has a movie on lifetime & idk what else.
Heroes United : yeah but they didn't even mention her
HeroesLuvr7 : okay.
Heroes United : movies are one thing but another show would mean loosing a hero if it takes off
Heroes United : but I am willing to wait another year if it works

HeroesLuvr7 : Yeaah.
HeroesLuvr7 : I don't really know what to do..
HeroesLuvr7 : everyone lives.. all over & far away. & everythings prolly in cali.
Heroes United : today we learn the site
Heroes United : tomorrow add peeps
Heroes United : then find the stars
Heroes United : and the writers
Heroes United : get them to write a statement for our blog about our cause
Heroes United : maybe even get them to be at the event itself
Heroes United : lol
Heroes United : one in every state
Heroes United : my internet has been messing up all day
Heroes United : lol
Heroes United : now you went to this link right

HeroesLuvr7 : yup yup.
HeroesLuvr7 : one in every state??
HeroesLuvr7 : what's one in every state.
Heroes United : Ok next area of discussion
Heroes United : Heroes United Forums
Heroes United : we have topics
Heroes United : a blog
Heroes United : under topics read help wanted
Heroes United : but you can post any topic there
Heroes United : like where to find our heroes or what you think about them
Heroes United : this is everyones forum

HeroesLuvr7 : Okay, cool.
Heroes United : below the topics forum is the group leader forum
Heroes United : this is where group leaders can get together and talk about thier groups
Heroes United : and get help from other leaders

HeroesLuvr7 : oh okay.
Heroes United : like how do I get my members to participate
Heroes United : so when you find a new fan group you need thier leader to post here
Heroes United : and join thier groups site.. or request a group for thier site

HeroesLuvr7 : lol. whoaah.
Heroes United : now we go back to the main page.
Heroes United : let me know when your ready
Heroes United : oh wiat that was new members not site issuesHeroes United : if we get them on board means thats less work for us
Heroes United : under the group leaders forum is a site issues and feedback forum
Heroes United : this is where you go to say the facebook login doesnt work
Heroes United : or some other issue
Heroes United : this is where people can say hi I love cats
Heroes United : the site issues is on the main page
Heroes United : the last forum.. now are you ready for the bar?
Heroes United : its at the top of the main forum

HeroesLuvr7 : noo. i have no idea what i'm doing.
Heroes United : main page where you found the chat box go to the top and see the red bar that says home , calender etc.
HeroesLuvr7 : yeah, i got that.
HeroesLuvr7 : i'm not sure what u want me to do?
Heroes United : click on Gallery
HeroesLuvr7 : then what?
Heroes United : befor we can post pics we have to alter them for legal reasons
HeroesLuvr7 : how do we do so?
Heroes United : so there are not many and what we have I need to edit... just havnt had time yet
HeroesLuvr7 : or.. what do we have to alter?
Heroes United : using a paint prgram or graphics program
HeroesLuvr7 : what do we have to alter tho?
Heroes United : just change the picture in some way
Heroes United : so you can say its yours

HeroesLuvr7 : in any way?
HeroesLuvr7 : oh okay..
Heroes United : and not property of NBC
HeroesLuvr7 : cool.
Heroes United : like the background or color
Heroes United : if you know how
Heroes United : if not I will get to it eventually started a new banner last night

HeroesLuvr7 : okey tay.
Heroes United : any way moving on.
Heroes United : now at the red bar click members
Heroes United : you will see as a moderator
Heroes United : all our members
Heroes United : not very many compared to facebook.
Heroes United : but you will see pm, click on thier profile or website for those who have thier own groups and go right to thier site
Heroes United : cool huh
Heroes United : I like that
Heroes United : now for the groups button
Heroes United : find the moderators goup
Heroes United : need to know who is on our team...
Heroes United : you caught up yet?
Heroes United : groups are by color so when you see someone post the legend says what group they are from and thier name is highlighted in that color
Heroes United : yet mine still shows up as myspace... dont know why
Heroes United : now go to your profile... by clicking the profile button
Heroes United : and change your picture!
Heroes United : lol
Heroes United : next to information click on avatar
Heroes United : select your pic etc.
Heroes United : get familiar with the other options too
Heroes United : and last button at the top red bar messeges
Heroes United : read your messages I sent a profile message
Heroes United : if you accidently post in the wrong place let me know I can move it so you dont have to rewrite the whole thing.
Heroes United : I will check on you later and see if you got a new pic up
Heroes United : bye
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Site Walk through
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