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 My Forever Flyboy!

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PostMy Forever Flyboy!

I dedicate this story to our Heroes Creator Corrina Clark...thank you for making this site so incredible. Together we all will fight to save our Heroes!!

My dearest West!!
Hard to believe we found each other.
I never thought it was meant to be.
For I though maybe it was true...
That I'd lose you forever.
My heart ached when you left.
For you knew what you truly wanted.
But I didn't.
I didn't know what that felt like,
Until years later.

When we first met I remember what you said:
"Are you a an alien or a robot?"
I thought why would he say such a thing?
But of course I did have my hand over a chemical burner!!
As we got talking more I found you too had an ability.
You could fly...for I healed.
I wasn't too happy with who I was.
I wanted to be "normal."
And be accepted for how I looked.
But you liked what you had.
For that's were we collided.

But after the event at the fair.
I found a message from you on Facebook shortly after.
All it said was: "We need to talk."
When I saw you, you still looked the same.
Taller, but still the same.
I remember thinking you were going to yell at me.
You had every right to.
Instead you just hugged me.
And said: "Lets go for a ride."
So within seconds we were soaring in the sky.
I held on tightly to your shoulders remembering what it felt like,
To feel this free and to be with you.
Once we landed(hehe)you said something.
"Claire, I have never forgotten you since I last saw you.
You have lingered in my thoughts for the longest time.
I have wanted to tell you this for so long.
And to say that maybe we can be more then friends.
So if you let me....I'd like to start over."

And so it's been a wonderful six months.
You transfered to Virginia to be with me.
And I can't imagine my life without you.
You did forgive me about the fair and understood my feelings.
I LOVE you so much for your forever my flyboy!!

By: Clairebear

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
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My Forever Flyboy! :: Comments

Heroes United
Re: My Forever Flyboy!
Post on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:25 pm by Heroes United
This is great Clairebear! Thank you for writing it for me.
Re: My Forever Flyboy!
Post on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:06 am by Clairebear
Thank YOU Corrina!! It has been an honor working with you and getting to know great Hero fans. You surely deserve all the credit that you do for this site!! I look forward in more requests that you ask!!
Re: My Forever Flyboy!
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My Forever Flyboy!

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