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 The Ticking of the Power!! Special request for "Sylar"

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PostThe Ticking of the Power!! Special request for "Sylar"

Tick-tock, the sound that made it all start.
The one precious sound.
The notion that controlled everything.
To one man...
It meant survival.
The name Sylar was all it took,
And the hunger to rise above all.

From the beginning it was just to show,
To show his mom that he is special.
But later he realized he can be stronger then anyone.
That was when he emerged to being all he could be.
With each person he met was a threat,
A threat to be more powerful then him.
For that...
He must kill,
Kill innocent lives to be the best.
One after the other...
People with abilities died.
The slice to ones brain is all it took.
Took to steal there power.
And for him to be better.

Not to say it was easy...
There were some he just couldn't beat.
For they too had strong beliefs.
That being good is better then bad.
And being good was the last thing he wanted.
But soon he wondered...
Having all this power was it really worth it?
Containing all these powers he started to think.
What is the logic?
It was then he started losing himself.
Of who he once was before.
A watch maker.
A watch maker who knew how things worked.
The simple ticking he once remembered.
He no longer heard.

So Sylar searched for answers.
The answers to feel "normal" again.
He went to people who he knew he could never trust.
Who were the "good guys."
But it was then he had to see.
He had to change his ways to get what he most wanted.
For now Sylar is at the sidelines.
The edge of wanting to end his bad days...
Who could easily emerge back as the villain.
It all depends....
Depends on when that Ticking starts up again!!

BY: Clairebear

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The Ticking of the Power!! Special request for "Sylar" :: Comments

Re: The Ticking of the Power!! Special request for "Sylar"
Post on Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:02 am by Sylar
NO one can deny that topic is yours , and no one can't believe that you're a great writer ,
all of us have to stand up , and hats off to the greatest writer and thank her with all love to her .. really I admire your ability to write and I want to steal it from you Razz ,
but i can't because it's yours and no can write this except you ..
God blessing you mandi , and thanks for this gift !!
with all my love to you Smile
Re: The Ticking of the Power!! Special request for "Sylar"
Post on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:09 am by Lizzy
You are an brilliant writer really excellent. Thank you!
Re: The Ticking of the Power!! Special request for "Sylar"
Post on Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:44 am by Clairebear
Thanx to both "Sylar" and Lizzy!! All your compliments are wonderful for me know that you all have enjoyed them. I for one really appreciate it!! As you can see I LOVE to write. Thanx for taking a minute to read them and to respond!! Very Happy

The Ticking of the Power!! Special request for "Sylar"

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