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What Do you think about proposing a deal with NBC? (please read topic first)
 Great Idea! wouldn't change a thing
 Good Idea! I would like to add something (please post your ideas)
 Its OK, but I don't really care either way
 It wont work, its all wrong!
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Heroes United

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PostSubject: IN THE WORKS!!!   Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:23 am

Corrina Clark
August 25 at 2:22am

I would like it if we could set up your cause for donations. I will even donate.. but make sure we get the details right in some sort of discussion.. where would you like to discuss it? send me a link and I will meet you and who ever else there. alot of places have donations
sections.. but I dont trust alot of them to support the cause rather than the site. I could do it at Heroes United.. but I really shouldn't be the one responcible for money.. and I dont think any one group or site should.. its got to be a group of groups thing and we are the leaders in that catagory. either way we as group leaders should discuss it. because Heroes is in debt. its going to take money to bring it back, one way or another.

Ironic Karma
August 25 at 11:41am

if thats the case, we would need to arrange it with the executives of the show most likely,,so
i suppose we would be best off starting with researching the persons associated with the show then contacting them for direction,,maybe the original creator / writer ,.let me know what you think

Corrina Clark
August 25 at 12:06pm

I think we would be better off talking to Mr. Tim Kring first.. it is his show. lol. I have a feeling he is working on something similar but the ending he was giving it has to be stopped.. if we are to step in and save it. I suggested to him that he make a movie to bring back the show on another network instead of killing it more, but I think we need him on our side and to be involved with our process. who knows maybe the fans can help fund him.

Corrina Clark
August 25 at 2:38pm

If we did make a deal with NBC Universal, Comcast and GE to do this in his favor.. hmm
lets say we as major role players decide to message the ceo about our cause

we could set up a Petition, Media, Awareness Rally, with donations..with them and look at the petition could be as if it were a contract... they would get the proceeds but would have to agree to sell it and launch it for the money. we need Kring He probly already has lawyers working on his ideas.

I think we need T-shirts.. one of the petitions had them.. we really ought to see what they have done with them and if they could do ours how much would it cost to get them to the event locations and use them as a way to get more donations and signatures.

What do you think we should say to the ceo's and think about my ideas?

Ironic Karma
August 26 at 10:44pm

sorry for my delay in answering you, you wrote a lot to think
about,, you remind me of me,,lol,, i think your ideas sound good and are definitely on the right track,,
my thought would be to start with developing contacts and solidifying direction, verify from kring and others what the bottom line is (i.e. are funds truly the issue, if so what numbers are we talking,, are the actors still on board and not otherwise obligated, what legal steps have been taken if any, what sources do they suggest we use to spread the word faster, like where are heroes fans most likely to find out about our cause, etc..)lol, we should tell the ceo's they are assholes,, Wink im joking of course (please excuse my language)im not sure on that at this point, first we need more information, like where would our focused energy best serve our cause, i.e. comcast , ge, etc,,

Corrina Clark
August 26 at 10:56pm

hey there is new news.. check the latest link on my group.. not
happy but I think we need to act fast in negotiations to keep them from ending it all with a movie.. I want it to keep going not end. The fastest route is media I am smart.. but at the same time.. my punctuation and spelling may make me sound not so smart in thier eyes. who should be our go to for communications? or can we make a group letter..
one Idea is you know who your key brain people are.. and I know mine we can all get on
the chat box at Heroes United forums so we can all talk at the same time..

Corrina Clark
August 26 at 11:03pm

how about I write what I would write.. and to whom and you would make changes and pass it.. and then we all can see it.. I can even make a private forum just for us, either way we don't have much time.. I believe they may already be filming some things but I can't prove it..

Ironic Karma
August 26 at 11:34pm

not good news indeed,,
key brain people? what do you mean?
the letter idea sounds good, what do you mean pass it on though, and to whom?
did you get my message a few minutes ago? i cant find it,,,,
when would you want to chat and who else are you in contact with?
media is definitely a strong forum but we would need to approach either from a position of showing the vast numbers of disappointed fans or an angle of the station not caring about their viewers (the program, between marketing products and advertising has been making large amounts of money yet they claim it is not cost effective so they are going to make a
multimillion dollar movie to line their pockets with a quick grab and go movie, somethings fishy)

Corrina Clark
August 26 at 11:45pm

Here is what I suggest, we come at them with a plan,
1) they don't want bad publicity
2) they don't want the show
3) they are going about it wrong
4) they owe alot of money for stealing the script
5) they dont think like us.

Here is what we offer

1) good press coverage, even bad coverage is still getting the word out.
2) tell them if they agree to let us do this and give us some time to plan

that they will get good media coverage, raise public opinion,raise ratings, save a good show, and get the donations to cover the cost of the movie so long as they dont end the show but launch a come back event, if they don't want it they have to sell the rights to any new
episodes and contracts of the cast, crew and writers, they would have to agree to use a talented and active fan to be one of the writers in the contract.

So how do we approach them? I am going to write my letter next and send this so you can start reading and then write what you would say to them if you were writing to them yourself. so I can read yours.

Corrina Clark
August 26 at 11:49pm

can I post this message between us at Heroes United so others can see it? its between you and me at this point but I really think the other group leaders should be reading this.

Ironic Karma
August 27 at 12:03am

very valid points,.
yes you may post our messages, if you
want, but keep in mind the executives are probably watching and showing
too much might give them a chance to prepare in advance for our
why have you not answered any of the questions i ask you? lol, did you see my message i referenced that disappeared? who are these other leaders you refer to? when would you want to chat? by accepting your invite to the heroes united site, did i register, or do i still need to do that?and do you ever sleep? lol Smile

Corrina Clark
August 27 at 12:10am

the link is where we go to send the information.

ATTN: (NBC/Universal/Comcast/GE)
fill in () with proper address

Iwould like to extend a friendly hello, and hope we can come to an agreement that may be benificial to both NBCUniversal, Comcast, GE, and The Fans of Heroes the TV series.

I am in contact with many groups, and I have an Idea and the fans agree thus far. We would like to get a contract between yourselves and the Save Heroes Groups that have been calling, emailing, posting, writing to you to bring back heroes.

We have thought about the ending, it is a nice touch but it will only make us more angry when its gone. We would still watch it. We don't feel you have the budget that could cover the cost at any decency... We want you to use the Movie or Wrap-up as a way to Re-Launch the Show. If you don't want the show we want it to be sold to another station asap.

We are pre-paired to gather funds, Donations, and what ever it takes to cover this cost if you honor our contracted agreement. this letter is not an aggreement. you may contact us for further details (insert emails) We are also preparing for a friendly, picket/ rally/ protest to gather awareness, we would like to "picket" NBC news station affiliates to gather the proper media coverage, we want every Heroes fan to come down and sign a real life paper petition and offer more donations to save the show. we also have millions in other countries that wish to do the same, and we all want to do it on the same day! talk about good press.we will gather every heroes fan from everywhere. We will also agree given time to notify every group to stop calling, emailing, writing and posting as well as delete any contact info from our sites. If a site doesn't that sight will be the one responcible.

Thank you for giving us Heroes, and I will thank you for not taking it away.


Corrina L. Clark
Heroes United
Heroes Fans Unite

then the other group leaders we get in touch with can follow in our steps,

Heroes Fans Unite!!!!
I think we should have a say... it is not over I wont let it be over! join me.. and protest the cancellation and consideration of any ending period...

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Heroes United

Posts : 327
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PostSubject: Re: IN THE WORKS!!!   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:27 pm

So Group Leaders you got this link... What do you think.. what would you say.. is there something we should add? or take away? Do you agree with this or are you against it?
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Area Captain
Area Captain

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Location : California

PostSubject: Re: IN THE WORKS!!!   Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:16 am

I think they should do it. Yeah money is a big issue and it is a huge part in making the decisions. But with so many dedicated fans like us how could they not?!! I think they should go for it!!
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Area Captain
Area Captain

Posts : 2
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PostSubject: Re: IN THE WORKS!!!   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:43 am

hey Corrina sorry for the delay of answering you, Your letter seems to be a very good idea.

It's clear and determined,and also because of money rules the world, they can't ignore us
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Heroes United

Posts : 327
Join date : 2010-08-01
Age : 42
Location : Longview WA

PostSubject: Re: IN THE WORKS!!!   Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:02 pm

this topic is now going to further development stages. and is being refreshed as
Heroes Fan Convention at the 9th wonder boards.

we will be starting new topics such as heroesvideopetition, vendor signups, and a group cordinator forum. not sure how exactly
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PostSubject: Re: IN THE WORKS!!!   

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