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 Petition Questions

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Heroes United

Posts : 327
Join date : 2010-08-01
Age : 42
Location : Longview WA

PostSubject: Petition Questions   Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:04 am

Like a Star @ heaven If you have any problems understanding petitions or if you find another site please post it in this forum after you read the following.

Save Heroes, Save the world! Pass it on...

Like a Star @ heaven Don't just stop at one network... we need to hit them all, make them fight over it.
also be sure to include how old you are and where you are from.. we have a lot of
global interest of all ages.. The networks need to know how global heroes really is.

Like a Star @ heaven be sure to post a link to the group on your own page so others may easily see it and follow or post the information on your own group pages.

Like a Star @ heaven If you have a myspace, or another site you frequent.. you may post there as well, I did.

Thank you everyone for your support, friendship and involvement.
Corrina L. Clark Fan.

Attention: Group Owners, Leaders and Creators,

I am really counting on you to get the word out and get everyone in your group buzzing.
If every Heroes Fan Group gets organized into one huge movement, we can do this.
Anything on our Group post that you could use to aid is yours for the asking.. or taking
Whatever it takes to keep heroes alive. If you need something we don't have ask, we will get it.

Save Heroes, and Save the World! Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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Heroes United

Posts : 327
Join date : 2010-08-01
Age : 42
Location : Longview WA

PostSubject: Facebook Heroes Fans Unite!!!! responces   Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:06 pm

These petition questions and responces were taken from Heroes Fans Unite!!!! on Facebook.. this topic has now been moved to our forums here.

Topic: Petition Resources

Corrina Clark
If you are interested as I am in getting another station to pick up Heroes as is...cast past and present.. etc.. please research and post links to them here...

Ricardo Octaviani
The USA network has had a good history with saving shows from NBC.Petition to save this amazing program on their network. link above lists many ways to contact the USA network for feedback.

Shawn Michael Hicks
I just petitioned for the USA network, though I don't think I know what channel that is on. I don't think I normally watch USA, but I definitely will if Heroes is on. I have never petitioned before, but I think I had a pretty good, short arguement. haha

Corrina Clark
cool good job!

Ricardo Octaviani
Nice Shawn. As for the USA Network, it is a channel like TNT that syndicates TV shows, Lately they have had success with airing other NBC shows like Law and Order:SVU and Law and Order:Criminal Intent. Gaining both shows a higher number of viewers and fanbase.And in criminal intents case USA bought the rights to air the show from NBC saving the show entirely. Criminal Intent now does well on USA. It can do the same for Heroes i believe.

Shawn Michael Hicks
okay. thanks. glad u mentioned it

Chad Baynar
I'll petition the SiFi channel they usally get good SciFi shows.
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Petition Questions
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